All tasks were well planed and documented. PSP coordinated the project and take care about all the activities. The communication between PSP and our team was easy and accurate.

В процеса на офериране, договаряне и изпълнение на доставката, „Пи Ес Пи България“ ООД се прояви като надежден партньор, разполагащ с високо квалифициран екип.

Екофарм използва услугите на Пи Ес Пи България повече от 10 години. PSP са надежден доставчик на компютръна техника на преференциални цени.

PSP’s technical staff shows high level of professionalism. Their technicians are certified and trained. PSP engeneers show good knowledge of server operating systems and network protocols.

ThinDesk Inc., a Canadian cloud provider, is pleased to announce PSP as a reliable partner in the field of Microsoft Server Management. At the end of 2011 we outsorced two projects to PSP.

Изказваме своите положителни впечатления от извършената услуга – качествено, своевременно и в рамките на определения бюджет. Екипът на Пи Ес Пи Компютри ООД показа професионализъм и отговорност към работата си и поетите ангажименти.

До момента Пи Ес Пи България спазват всички свои ангажименти в срок. С удоволствие препоръчваме Пи Ес Пи България на всички техни потенциални клиенти.

… можем да изразим нашата удовлетвореност от своевременната реакция и професионалното изпълнение на договорените изисквания.

„AREVA“ NP GbmH Branch Bulgaria is using the services of PSP Bulgaria since 2005.

We have established a great impression about a professional manner of the team and the quality of products and services, offered by PSP.

… we are pleased that PSP offer us a complex service.

PSP Bulgaria Ltd. enjoy our trust as a partner, consultant, trader and service …

We always receive from PSP a high level, quality services.

… PSP have proven that they are honest and reliable partner.

In his work PSP has always been engaged with issues of agency…

In all emergency cases and accidents specialists from PSP have responded quickly and timely…

… we have no doubts in recommending PSP as a reliable, correct and competent company.

Generally, Radio FM+ remains satisfied of the co-operation with PSP and is glad to recommend PSP as a very loyal and trustworthy partner.

We completely trusted the care for our computers of PSP, for which they have never disappointed us…..

PSP successfully managed the installation and maintenance of our e-mail, financial and file servers.

PSP managed to solve a serious problem in the link with our office in Moscow, which was highly appreciated by the Managing Director of Merloni Indesit for Eastern Europe.

PSP team has always been responsive and efficient.

We have used the services of PSP for the adjustment of the options of our accounting software as well as for the Cyrillic standardization of our printers.

PSP help me to print needed reports from accounting software when i have a problems with my printer.

I am convinced that „PSP Bulgaria“, having the reputation of a reliable partner, managed to add benefit to our business in Bulgaria.

We have the pleasure of working together with the experts from PSP Company on the maintaining, repairing and upgrading of our computer equipment.