Standard plan for computer maintenance from PSP Bulgaria


  • Permanent computer service in working hours with three hours response time after the call
  • Checkup of the computer equipment and control the condition of the network and the installed software twice per year
  • Support and permanent check-up of the Network and active network equipment ( switches, routers, access points, etc. )
  • Repairing of computer equipment ( desktops, notebooks, printers, monitors ) with 20% discount from the standard prices
  • Free support by phone, e-mail, Skype, ICQ…
  • Remote access
  • Free maintenance of printers, scanners and other peripherals
  • Support for PBX ( only PANASONIC or VOIP Asterisk )
  • Backing up the information
  • Support choosing Internet and other providers related to IT
  • Free support on relocation of equipment to another office
  • Communication with third part services providers ( Internet providers, VOIP providers, warranty services, software developers, etc. )
  • Consumables supply ( toners, inks, papers, etc. )
  • Discount on hardware and software orders
  • Equipment rental ( projectors, screens, computers, printers, etc. )
  • Ascertain the condition of the computer equipment and software. Evaluation of IT risk
  • Offer for the improvement of the work, unification and replacement of the software
    installment of newly purchased computer modules and software and replace of old ones
  • Diagnose, repair and replace of the defective modules with their equivalents
  • Upgrade constantly the anti-virus protection with new definitions
  • Timely information and recommendations for new versions of the installed software
  • Back-up equipment for the time of repair ( w/o servers )
  • Anti-spam defense. Update of anti-spam filters.
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