Subscription computer maintenance

Subscription computer maintenance from PSP Bulgaria

If the quality of your business depends on the smooth operation of your IT equipment, if you have important information that should be kept well, if you care for your time, subscribe to our service. We will take care and responsibility for everything related to your computers.

Economy Standard Express
Diagnostics of computers and software. Assessment of IT risk.
Offer the improvement of the work, unification and replacement of the software.
Checkup of the computer equipment, the network and the installed software. Once per year 2 times per year 4 times per year
Permanent on site service in working hours. Next business day up to 3 hours after call up to 1 hour after call
Network support – routers, access points, etc.
Remote access.
Installment of newly purchased computer modules and software and replacement of the old ones.
Diagnostics, repair and replacement of defective modules.
Repair of computer equipment – PCs, notebooks, printers, monitors, etc. Not included 20% discount Free
Free help by phone, mail, Skype, ICQ.
Free support for printers, scanners and other peripherals.
Check up, update and upgrade of anti-virus defence and definitions.
Anti-spam defense. Update of anti-spam filters.
Responsibility for backing up of important data.
Timely information and recommendations for new versions of the installed software.
Backup equipment for the time of repair.
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