Terminal services

Computer terminals are very popular because they offer affordability, centralization and especially security. You simply need a powerful and reliable server. All the information is kept on the server. The remaining workstations are used as terminals (display, keyboard and mouse), which are connected to the server. They can be even without a hard drive. You can work from any location in the office or at home – you will have access to your mail, settings, documents, bookmarks, music, movies, etc. You only need to log on with your username and password to the server. This results in a highly secure and centralized information management system. The computer terminals offer efficiency when you need to increase the number of terminals and easy management of user rights and restrictions.

Terminal solutions often require VPN connections and specific applications like Remote desktop connection. For maximum security all the information on the server is encrypted. Terminal solutions have many advantages when comparing them with the ordinary computers:

• Low initial investment, since all terminals share a single server or multiple servers;

• The computer support is minimized because the maintenance of the entire system is centralized and performed solely on shared servers;

• The costs for purchasing new hardware are reduced because only the server needs to be upgraded.

• Terminal solutions significantly reduce power consumption and noise in the workplace;

• Terminal solutions are environmentally friendly as a result of the low power consumption and reduced emissions of CO2.

• The security of servers and terminals is high enough, since only the terminal servers are subject to cyber attacks and viruses and therefore only they need be protected well.

• terminal solutions are more flexible as management , especially in an organization with many users because the likelihood of stopping work is to lower rates .