SIP VoIP setup and support from PSP Bulgaria

This type of PBX software is designed for integrated voice and data transfer over the Internet. The software is installed on a server or special hardware devices such as SIP VoIP PBX, SIP Phones, GSM Gateways. Using different types of communications protocols – IAX2, SIP, H323 or H264 transmission and recording of audio, video and data, this technology offers several key advantages over conventional hardware PBX:

  • Significantly lower costs for installation and maintenance (up to 80 percent lower than traditional PBXs).
  • Flexible integration of advanced features and functionality without installing additional hardware modules as the standard PBX.
  • Centralized management with multiple options.
  • Additional internal telephones (with an Internet connection you might have a phone connection in any part of the world).
  • High degree of protection from security breaches.
  • Ability to use wireless phones.
  • Detailed analysis and reports for specific users and devices.
  • Unlimited lines and users without additional costs and investments for hardware.
  • Easy service migration from ddifferent mobile operators and ISPs while keeping the existing phone numbers.
  • Phone numbers with a different area code than the city you are physically located.
  • Ability to create menus and rules for transferring calls.
  • Answering machine which forwards messages to a predefined e-mail address.
  • Ability to use your PC or laptop as a phone.

We at PSP Bulgaria can offer you to rent the equipment in order to build a SIP VoIP telephone system in your office. Rather than purchasing a new server for the SIP VoIP PBX or buying new phone devices, we will offer you excellent rental rates for all the equipment you need. Thus you will use the SIP VoIP telephony in your office as long as you need and then simply return the rented equipment to us. Please contact us to check the current rental conditions for the SIP VoIP equipment.the SIP VoIP equipment.