Remote Access

Remote access and support from PSP Bulgaria

Remote computer access is a popular service to quickly solve certain software problems, install server application, migrate to newer versions of software and any additional settings which can be perfomrmed from a distance. You simply run a secured and encrypted connection to our office. Our staff will work on your computer as though sitting in front of it. Communication between you and the technique can be done by phone, ICQ or another convenient way for you. You can see what we are doing. You are free to disconnect at any time.

Remote access is a convenient option that saves a lot of time for everyone. We can manage and maintain your computer remotely using any of the following programs for remote access: Remote control, Teamviewer, VNC, Remote desktop, Remote desktop client (RDC), RDP, ARD, Logmein. Through remote access we can offer rapid and adequate support from a distance, without the need for our staff to visit your office. So within just a few minutes we can solve software problems, update the antivirus program or install other applications and programs.

One of the commonly used programs for remote access is Teamviewer. We also use it frequently when helping our customers. You can use the button below to download the program and install it on your computer. Then please make an appointment with a member of our staff when to give him access to your computer to fix computer problems, update antivirus or clean your computer from unnecessary files and software.

Download TeamViewer