Professional consultancy and advices

Professional consultancy and advices from PSP Bulgaria

We will advise you if you need to buy new equipment or software for your office. We will assist you if you want to move to another office location or replace some old equipment. Our consultants will listen carefully, will ask specific questions and based on the information received, will prepare a special offer for you. This offer may contain a list of recommended actions and their specific prices. It can be explained and discussed in a meeting, where we can define all the terms and conditions.

We have well-trained professionals who posses skills, knowledge and experience in all areas of computer science. For us to be helpfull enough, please give us all the details and problems you experience with your computer equipment. The more details we get from you, the better and faster we can help.

The professional computer services and consultation depend on the experience and knowledge of the provider. We can offer you over 10 years experience in the field, a great variety of certificates, partnerships with reputable manufacturers and brands, ISO quality standard, and many recommendations from our satisfied customers. Do not hesitate to contact us now and ask for advice or solution for your computer and office equipment. Our specialists will fully cooperate and help you to resolve a computer problem. If the problem is a faulty hardware, we can pick up the device from your office and bring it to our computer repair shop. We can offer replacement equipment, so you can continue your work during repairs.

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