Module Laptop
Laptop Diagnostics ***
Laptop Disassembling
Laptop Assembling
BIOS Writing by programmer **
Wireless network card Replacing
Video card Reballing of the BGA chip **
Display Replacing
Display Replacement of LCD cable
Display Replacement of Webcam cable
Display Replacement of inverter
Display Replacement of CCFL
Display Repairing of hinges**
Display Replacing of hinges
Motherboard Repairing*
Motherboard Replacing
Motherboard Repairing of sockets and connectors(soldering) **
Motherboard Replacement of sockets and connectors **
Motherboard Replacing of BIOS battery**
Motherboard Reballing of the BGA chip **
Motherboard Replacing of BGA chip **
Charger Replacing the low-voltage cable
Keyboard Replacing
Case Restoring by using stick glue **
Optical drive Dust removal
Optical drive Replacing
Cooling system Dust removal (include thermal compound change)
Cooling system Replacing of fan **
Memory Replacing
Hard drive Replacing
Module Desktop computer (PC)
BIOS Writing by programmer **
PCI / PCI-E Module Replacing
Fan Replacing
Video card Replacing
Video card Reballingnof the BGA chip
Video card Replacing of capacitors, fan, thermal paste
Motherboard Replacing
Motherboard Replacing of capacitors
Motherboard Dismounting and Mounting
Motherboard Replacing of battery
Power supply Replacing
Power supply Replacing of capacitors
Optical drive Replacing
RAM memory Adding
RAM memory Replacing
CPU processor Replacing
Desktop computer Dust removal
Desktop computer Assembling and testing
Desktop computer Diagnostics ***
Desktop computer Disassembling and reassembling*
Hard drive Diagnostics
Hard drive Replacing
Hard drive Adding
Hard drive / DVD Replacing of cable
Chipset Replacing of thermal compound
Type Software services
BIOS Setting up and configuring
BIOS Updating the BIOS on a computer
BIOS Updating the BIOS on a laptop
OS Installing the operating system, owned by the client and the relevant drivers
OS Reinstalling the operating system and the relevant drivers with data retention
OS Downgrading the OS
OS Installing an operating system update
OS Removing and / or replacing the Windows OS password
OS Optimizing the speed and stability
Web browser Setting up and configuring
Viruses Installing an anti-virus program provided by the client or free version
Viruses Updating the anti-virus protection
Viruses Removing viruses and updating the anti-virus program (if any)
Data Data backup (up to 20 days) and data recovery
Data Coping data from an old hard drive to a new one
Data Recovering data from a damaged hard drive (up to 50GB)
Data Recording data from a corrupted computer on DVD (up to 4.5GB)
Driver Installing and configuring
Driver Installing and configuring more than one
Electronic signature Installing and configuring
Remote access Setting up network tunnels
Mail Recovering files from a damaged mail client
Software Installing a software application owned by the client
Hard drive Correcting file system errors of a hard drive
Test Testing the reliability of a computer repair
Device Printer
Printer/LJ Diagnostics of a monochrome laser printer ***
Printer/LJ Prevention of a monochrome laser printer
Printer/LJ Repairing a monochrome laser printer
Printer/CLJ Diagnostics of a color laser printer ***
Printer/CLJ Prevention of a color laser printer
Printer/CLJ Repairing a color laser printer
MFP Diagnostics of a monochrome laser multifunction machine ***
MFP Prevention of a monochrome laser multifunctional machine
MFP Repairing a monochrome laser multifunctional machine
MFP Color Diagnostics of a color laser multifunction machine ***
MFP Color Prevention of a color laser multifunctional machine
MFP Color Repairing a color laser multifunctional machine
Device Monitor
Monitor Diagnostics ***
Monitor Installing firmware **
Monitor Repairing a LCD Monitor 15-19″
Monitor Repairing a LCD Monitor 20-24″
Monitor Replacing the CCFL lamps on a monitor
Type General services
UPS Replacing and calibrating a battery
Electronic device Diagnostics
Electronic device Disassembling and reassembling
Impulse power supply Repairing
Peripheral Diagnostics (Chargers, mice, keyboards, USB flash drives etc.)
Projector Prophylactics
Hard drive Inserting into the USB box
Work Visiting a client at his office /for the first hour
Work Work at the client’s office (each following hour)
Work Remote access working per hour
Chip Replacing of SMD chip **

* The price is determined after Diagnostics in the service center.
** Might need disassembly and reassembly or soldering SMD chip.
*** Diagnostics is paid only if the repair is refused or impossible.
Prices do not include the cost of the raw materials and spare parts.
All prices included 20% VAT.
The service center reserves the right to change the prices and conditions without prior announcement.
The service is not responsible for the delay of a repair due to lack of spare parts.
If the repair concerns Apple products, the price increases by 50%.
If the client requests immediate repair, the price increases by 100%.
The warranty of a hardware repair is one month.