Motherboard Repair

Repair of computer boards and BGA chips soldering from PSP Bulgaria

We offer specific laptop repairs and microchip reballing. If you need special repairs requiring replacement or applying new solder-reballing of BGA, FBGA chips, we may offer you help. We will save you money for expensive boards and electronic assemblies. To conduct a successful repair, you will need an expensive equipment and tools. This equipment includes an appropriate station for soldering microchips with precise temperature control, set screens for chips, optics, vacuum tweezers and other hand tools with fine tips. With this technique we can fix a microchip with the application of solder balls-reballing.

Chipsets and video cards

Chipset and graphics chips are highly integrated, with high-performance, low thermal resistance and high coefficient of thermal conductivity between the pins and the PCB. They are made in housing BGA (Ball Grid Array), representing a plastic or ceramic shell that communicates to the board using solder-shaped hemispheres. A common fault with laptops is a defect in the chipset or video card. Such type of damage is approximately 50% of all computer problems. Here is how to recognize this defect: the absence of initialization, black screen, no picture; laptop constantly restarts, the laptop does not respond to the power button, USB, keyboard, touchpad not working. There are several reasons for the failure of microchips:

– Continued work. Each component has an approximate duration of life, ranging from the technology of production and the conditions under which it is used.

– Overheating. Overheating in a video card or a chipset is the most common defect. Overheating north bridge and graphics card – they are hot. Southbridge is rare to overheat – they have different temperature regimes and fail for other reasons. The consequences are partial demolition of the active part of the chip, the absence of contact between the crystal and the substrate, bad solder joints inside an integrated circuit, temperature breakthrough, followed by electrical one.

– Knocks and bumps. If your laptop falls down it may have damaged joints under the chip, not the elements, but there are exceptions.

We provide quality repairs that are carried out by professionals with lots of experience in microchips. We use only quality materials from reputable manufacturers. We can replace damaged video card or chipset from all manufacturers that are used in today’s notebook computers.