Data Recovery

Lost data recovering

Data recovery is a complex process which does not always give a positive result – it depends on the extent of damage to the defective media, e.g. hard drive or CD / DVD. If the hard drive of a computer has a malfunction and you keep valuable information on it, please contact our computer service. In most cases the information can be saved. It is extremely important that you do not record or copy any other information on your hard drive after you realize it has malfunctioned. Also, do not defragment the hard drive since this operation delets the traces of missing files and they will never be recovered.

After you find out that important data is missing, stop using your computer and turn it off. This will make sure that no program will write information to the hard drive and it will keep a snapshot of the current data in it. Then our staff will dismantle the disc and will seek to recover missing data. We can not give a full guarantee of success, as it depends on the type of data and where it was stored on the disk. However, there are a variety of computer programs that are designed to retrieve missing data from the hard drive or other media. We will use several programs to try to save important information.

Still, the best protection against accidental deletion of important information is the preventive data backup to another disk or other media. Thus, even losing important information, you will not have to try to restore it. You can just extract it from the latest backup and use it again. Most users make backups of important data on the same computer on which data is located. Thus the data is not protected as it is on the same hard drive and if error occurs, the data can be lost irrevocably. Therefore, when you make a backup of important data never do it on the same computer. The computer may be damaged or even stolen.

Another wrong practice is to make backups of data on CDs or DVDs. It turned out that optical discs have a very short life and do not guarantee data security. Some discs even “lose” records of information over time, although the disc is stored correctly in the box and is not exposed to direct sunlight. So avoid doing backups of important data on CD / DVD, because there is no guarantee that after a while the disk can be read again. Very often people complain that they can not “open” discs. Unfortunately, there is no guarantee that this information will be restored even by experienced professionals.