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Laptop repairs by PSP Bulgaria

Unlike desktops, laptops are more fragile because their manufacturers strive to make them lighter and more compact, saving from strong materials like aluminum. It is very likely that the hinges on the screen break or the battery and charger get damaged, especially if the laptop is used for more than three years. Laptops also need prevention of issues with cooling, keyboard and other components more often than desktops. Almost every problem in the laptop can be repaired.

Types of repairs on laptops:

1. Changing the display hinges and a laptop. If the body of your laptop is not metal or aluminum, and made ​​of plastic, after a while it may begin to weaken after numerous openings and closings of the screen. Finally hinges may get broken off and need to be replaced, along with the screen or separately.

2. Dust cleaning. Dust is a serious pest for each technique, especially for computers,. It is recommended at least once a year to clean your laptop thoroughly from dust, so it can cool better and thus greatly extend its life and performance.

3. Prevention of issues with coolers. Usually radiators and fans are polluted with dust which stick to them and make their work difficult or even impossible. So your laptop may overheat and as a result it locks or even does not boot up. It is recommended to clean up the cooling system at least twice a year. If you use your laptop in a highly contaminated with dust environment, fan cleaning should be carried out at least once every two months.

4. Replacement of chips, keyboard or other hardware components. Any computer components have a certain lifespan that depends on the technology used by the manufacturer and the usage of the computer. If you drop your laptop or you hit it, you may damage its chips, thus the laptop may become unusable. The good news is that these problems can be resolved if diagnosed properly by computer professionals. We recommend that you do not try to repair your laptop yourself, because at your home you probably do not possess the necessary precise equipment. Just bring your laptop for repair to us and we will do all repairs carefully and with warranty.

5. Troubleshooting software problems. Quite often your laptop may be damaged due to a software problem, error, incorrect or incomplete installation of operating system, antivirus program or driver that controls a hardware component. We will help you to diagnose the problem and repair your laptop depending on the software problem. We may need to reinstall the operating system or to put another working driver or updated version of a software product.

Common symptoms related to problems with laptops:

To discover that your laptop has a problem, it is not necessary to be a computer expert. You may notice its slower performance, the screen freezes for a few seconds, it displays blue screen with errors, the laptop is unable to play video, the body is overheating, your hear noise from fans and more. If the laptop extinguish itself after it roperates un for 10-15 minutes, it possibly overheats. If it do not respond when the charger is plugged in – the charger is probably not working. If you are trying to start the la[top but nothing happens, only the battery indication flashes a few times – the battery might be low. If the screen remains black when started, but after 4-5 attempts it boots up – probably the video chip might be faulty due to overheating. In case of some of these problems do not waste more time and bring your laptop to our office so we can fix it. Keep in mind that the more you wait, the more problems will worsen and can cause more serious damage that will take more time and money for repairs.
Recommendations for working with a laptop:
It is not recommended to work with a laptop on your knees because its cooling vents are underneath and thus remain blocked. Also it is advisable to maintain a full cycle of the battery (despite the fact that the new battery would not need it) with a full discharge and then full charge. When you plug in the adapter – first connect the adapter and then start the laptop. If you work in a dusty and smoky rooms, your laptop may require more frequent maintenance than usual – at least once every two months. The battery life is between 12-24 months, the thermal paste between the CPU and the cooling must be replaced after 24-36 months. If you frequently transport your laptop, be sure to get a bag with a rigid frame, preventing it from falling. It is very important that you do not put your laptop in a bag without being convinced that it is turned off. It is possible that an application is stuck and is preventing the laptop from “falling asleep”. As a result it might overheat in the bag.

Time needed for laptop repairs:

Depending on the repair we can estimate deadlines for correcting a certain problem. The maintenance may take up to 24 hours, changing the display – 48 hours after the spare part is available at our service. Serious issues such as soldering microchips may take 3 to 5 working days.

Place of laptop repairs:

If you use our services for computer maintenance, we can conduct maintenance on the laptop in your home or office. However, if the problem is more serious, we may need to take it with us in our service and have it repaired. We have spare parts in our office and can quickly replace the faulty component in your laptop. If the part is more specific, we may need to order it and wait to be delivered before we begin repairs.

Please have a look at our detailed price list for laptop repairs and call us as soon as you discover a problem.