Internet advertising and SEO

Internet advertising, SEO and web services from PSP Bulgaria

Advertising on Google

Advertising on Google is made through the platform called Google AdWords. Advertisers can create ads which appear on Google search result pages after relevant searches with chosen keywords. These ads also appear on other sites on the Internet that are part of a large worldwide network called Google Display Network, including thousands of Bulgarian websites with many daily visitors.

Advertisers can determine their maximum daily budget and will pay only for clicks on their ads. The price for a single click (cost per click) is based on the maximum an advertiser is willing to pay and the average price obtained through competitive bidding with other advertisers in the same area, i.e. kind of auction bidding in real time with complex algorithms.

Pay per click campaigns are part of the so called search engines marketing and offer excellent performance. PPC advertising attracts potential users because they are targeted with specific keywords and phrases you choose. Campaigns are highly flexible and the results are visible in real time. You pay only when the user clicks on your ad and then visits your site!

Each PPC campaign with Google AdWords creates enormous traffic hits to your site but requires daily and professional management to optimize performance, reduce total costs and increase the return on investment.

With cleverly designed Google AdWords campaigns we at PSP Bulgaria know how to attract traffic to your site through careful selection of keywords. You pay only for clicks which makes such advertising extremely cost effective!

Facebook advertising and applications

Facebook is the most popular social media on the Internet with over billion users. They are grouped by geographic region, place of work, schools, groups, and other interests. Each user chooses what type of information to share with others and what groups or individuals will have access to it. Communication between users on Facebook is done in many different ways, such as sending personal messages, chat invitations to participate in events, sharing photos, text, links and videos. People create and join groups, and participate in various games and use dozens of third-party applications.

Facebook is a social media because it creates communities of people with common interests and builds strong relationships between them. People communicate freely and openly, find new friends, share interesting information and opinions. We all know that this particular information is involved in defining marketing objectives and finding effective channels for communication. Enterprises use Facebook for collecting feedback from their customers and make them active participants in the process of developing a product or service.

Facebook advertising is different from traditional paid search advertising. Instead of bidding for certain keywords that people are searching for, advertisers bid on the demographics of consumers. This allows them to target users with specific age, gender, preferences, and even school or workplace they attend. The competition is far lower than paid search.

Truly interesting is that apart from the resources of the social media Facebook, people can use additional applications developed by third parties and companies. These applications run on the Facebook platform and have access to user data such as names, friends, birthday, residence, interests, etc. As you can imagine, this is an extremely useful and valuable marketing information which will allow you to target the correct focus groups and communicate your brand to increase brand recognition and awareness.

SEO (search engine optimization)

Search engine optimization is any activity that influences the ranking of a website in the search engines like Google when searching for specific keywords. SEO consists of a set of techniques and practices that manipulate the search engines so that they show your site higher in the results on the front page for popular keywords that describe your business and can attract the right visitors to your website.

Search engine optimization is a streamlined process rather than a short-term service, as it usually takes 3 to 6 months to achieve the best results. It takes time for Google to index your site and reflect the changes you have made to it, then add them to its database. Moreover, SEO requires the publication of new and quality content on your website, thus building inbound links to it from other relevant websites. SEO also relies on the use of specific tags in the source code.

Search engine optimization (SEO) requires specific skills and knowledge and should be fullfilled by experienced professionals because it may have negative consequences for the ranking of the website. We at PSP Bulgaria will be happy to assist you in optimizing your site and we offer proven methods, experience and quick results.

Web services and consultancy

We have prepared a variety of consulting services with the desire to help in the analysis of all aspects of Internet marketing – from functionality and usability of your website to the implementation of effective marketing in social media and search engines. Whether you already have a popular website or are still in the beginning, we will advise you how to proceed and how to succeed online.

Strategic business decisions are based on accurate data rather than guesswork or instinct. You need to know how visitors find your site and what are the sources of user traffic that ultimately convert to purchase, download, registration, phone call or other desired action. Furthermore, you should know the price for acquisition of any visitor, whether in paid advertising or other marketing campaign. With Google Analytics you will make the right marketing decisions leading to higher ROI.

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