Setup and installation of Internet connections

If you want to obtain an Internet connection in your new office or another location such as your warehouse, we will communicate with your chosen ISP responsibility in order to setup the Internet connection. If a problem occurs we will take care to determine the cause and will contact the person responsible for reestablishing the connection. We can offer assistance with the following activities:

1. Recommendation for an ISP of the selected location – we will check which providers cover your location and will collect their offers. We can also offer several options for choosing a provider based on our experience and feedback from other customers. If needed we can offer a second Internet connection to serve as a backup in case the first provider has a problem and you want to have permanent access to the Internet for your servers.

2. Check the connectivity of a specific location – we will check if your chosen provider covers your location. We will contact the ISP to see if they cover the chosen location and what the speed of data transfer is, whether 30 Mbps, 50 Mbps or 100 Mbps. Depending on your needs we will offer the optimal solution for the best connection speed.

3. Consultation on the proposals of several ISPs – we will help you when comparing the prices and conditions of several ISPs and will advise you what connectivity will be required depending on your specific needs and number of computers. We will check whether the ISPs offer real IP addresses that you will need for connecting servers, VoIP PBXs, etc.

4. Recommendation on the equipment which is needed for the Internet connectivity – we will recommend specific hardware, such as network cards, access point devices, routers, switches, wi-fi repeaters and extenders, rosettes and manufacturers of network cabling.

5. Setting up and configuring the Internet connection – we will assist you with all the necessary settings for your network cards, routers, browsers, VPN networks, terminals, Remote desktop connections, etc.

6. Optimization of your current Internet connection – in case you experience regular problems with your Internet connection, we will check for issues with your chosen ISP and the network equipment and computers in your office. Once we find an issue, we will offer the best solution for optimizing the Internet connectivity so that you experience no further difficulties when connecting to the Internet.