Data Backup

Data backup from PSP Bulgaria

Data backup is a process that creates a copy of the valuable information so it is preserved and can be used in the future if needed. It is recommended that the information should be archived in a secure and remote location, usually a different computer than the one it was originally located. There are various methods and practices for a proper data backup. Typically, the data should be archived daily to keep the most current version of the files.

People often do not realize how important it is to have an archive of their company or personal information. Usually they understand the true value of data after it has been lost – caused by hardware failure or theft, fire or natural disaster. Then it becomes clear that all the data even the whole work of a company is missing. And how would you feel if your children’s images are lost due to a faulty hard drive on your computer? This is something you would really like to avoid. Whether corporate or personal, every information is important to its owner, but it depends on the owner whether he will keep a copy of the information.

We at PSP Bulgaria believe that the most important value for each business is the information itself. Therefore, every business should be responsible for taking care of it. This way you will avoid all the problems associated with the lack or loss of important information. Depending on the amount of data you may need a backup once a month or once a day. We offer our customers various options for data backup – external hard drives and CDs / DVDs, backup servers and tape drives. We use different programs for automated backups. Besides the archives on your computer, we offer a regular backup on our servers and thus the data is protected repeatedly. This prevents serious and massive loss of business. We can offer you a separate backup server on which you can make regular backups of important information.

Depending on your needs, we can create automated backup of important data. Then we check regularly for accuracy of the backups. The backup process can be performed at night, when the computer is idle. Usually we keep daily archives of the last week, plus archives for each Friday of the last month, plus the monthly archives of the past twelve months. So even if you do not discover in time that data has been lost, you can restore it later from an older backup. It is recommended at least once a month to maintain backups outside the office.