Computer Services & Repair

Computer service and repairs from PSP Bulgaria

A computer service is needed to perform specific tasks such as replacing faulty hardware, cleaning cooling fans and the keyboard, fixing various software bugs and more. Unlike desktop computers, laptops are more fragile because their manufacturers strive to make them lighter and more compact, saving from strong materials such as aluminium to strengthen the hull. There is a risk of breaking the screen hinges or damaging the battery, especially if the laptop is used for more than three years.

In order to discover that your computer needs a service, it is not necessary for you to be a computer expert. You may notice the computer’s slower operation when the screen freezes for a few seconds or the computer stops working at all by displaying a blue screen with an error, or when it is unable to play video, the housing is overheating, or you hear noise from the fans. If your computer does not respond well to commands for 10-15 minutes, it is probably overheating. If the laptop does not respond when the charger is plugged in – the charger is probably not working. When you try to start the computer but nothing happens, the battery may be low. If the screen remains black at start, but after 4-5 attempts the computer starts – probably the video chip is having an issue due to overheating. If you have any of the above mentioned problems, do not waste more time and bring your computer to our service so we can fix it as soon as possible. Keep in mind that the more time you wait, the more problems will worsen and can cause more serious damage that will cost more to be fixed.

If you need to repair a monitor, printer, computer or laptop, or if you want to upgrade your computer then reinstall software, please contact our computer service. If necessary, you can obtain replacement equipment during the repairs. We can transfer all the necessary information so that you continue your work. We can arrange the transportation from your office to our service and vice versa. For each repair we offer you to choose the best solution and thus minimize the unnecessary costs to achieve the desired results. This means that in each case you can count that you will get a professional advice from us when it will be the best time to invest in repairs and when it is better to replace the defective hardware with a new one.