The senior management of PSP Bulgaria Ltd. officially declares its QUALITY POLICY, which is published in the organization and accessible to interested parties.

THE QUALITY POLICY OF PSP Bulgaria LTD. IS DIRECTED TO PROVIDE DELIBERATELY HIGH QUALITY PERFORMANCE TO EVERYONE, as well as necessary modern computer equipment and software, and quality maintenance in accordance with customer requirements, legislation and all third parties.

For the implementation of its policy, the management of PSP Bulgaria Ltd. sets out the following main objectives:

  • Ensuring the quality of the activity of all the departments of PSP Bulgaria Ltd. and its placement at the basis of all the market and functional strategies and plans;
  • Optimizing the processes in the company – for the adequacy, expedience and compliance of the regulated requirements, on the basis of continuous improvement and development;
  • Application of quality requirements to the consulting, commercial and servicing activities;
  • Apply appropriate methods and measures to increase staff motivation to participate in all improvement processes related to the achievement of the organization’s objectives, quality of the activities performed to fully meet customer requirements;
  • Customer relationships are created, maintained, and developed on the basis of honesty and honesty;
  • Gathering information from customers for satisfaction with the purchased computer equipment, the system integration service provided and the after-sales service provided by the company;
  • Developing and maintaining competitive advantages based on price, quality and satisfaction of all customers and partners of PSP Bulgaria Ltd.
  • Increasing the technical level of the equipment and improving the technological management processes.
  • Performing the business in accordance with the requirements of applicable laws, regulations, regulations and international standards.
  • Adherence to the rules on health and safety at work, sanitary and hygienic standards, according to national and international standards, effective management of health and safety risks, minimization of risks for staff and other third parties.

Following this policy of governance, we strive to ensure that PSP Bulgaria Ltd. becomes a preferred partner in the domestic market.

For realization of these goals in PSP Bulgaria Ltd. was developed and implemented a quality management system, corresponding to the international standard ISO 9001: 2015.

AS MANAGERS OF PSP Bulgaria LTD. we declare our personal involvement and responsibility for the implementation of the declared quality management policy, guaranteeing the rights and expectations of the clients in order to fully satisfy their needs, to continuously improve all basic and auxiliary activities, and related to this enduring prosperity of PSP Bulgaria Ltd.