Сервиз за компютри, лаптопи, сървъри, монитори и периферия

Сервиз за компютри, лаптопи, сървъри, монитори и периферия

If the quality of your work depends on the smooth operation of your computers, if you have important information that should be kept secure, you can consider subscribing for computer maintenance from PSP Computers. We will take care and responsibility for everything related to your computer and office equipment. We response within 1 hour after your call!

PSP Computers offers subscription maintenance, service and repair regarding computers, laptops, servers, monitors, printers and any other peripherals. If you have a problem with your PC or laptop, you need servicing or replacing hardware, call us now. Ask a question or seek advice from us for prophylaxis of your computers, laptops and office equipment. Explore our subscription plans on computer support and choose the services that fit you.

PSP Computers offers a wide range of IT services and activities that will solve all your computer problems. We can help you with your office network cabling, installing and configuring your servers and network devices, as well as maintenance of all computers, laptops, printers, monitors and other peripherals.

Пи Ес Пи Компютри ООД приключи дейностите по Европейския проект

PSP Computers Ltd. have won funding for our project from Operational Program Innovation and Competitiveness (OPIC). The evaluation of the project selection procedure BG16RFOP002-2.002 "Development of Managerial Capacity and Growth of SMEs" was completed. Through the implementation of the project, our customers will be assured of the quality of the services offered, information security, optimization of production costs and improvement of the organization of the company's resources and business processes.

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